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Where was boxing invented?

There's evidence that Boxing existed long ago, circa 1500-3000 B.C but it was not called "boxing" and did not have a name. It wasnt until the 16th century England that it (MORE)

What is box lacrosse?

  Box lacrosse is where it is inside an arena or building, a bit different from field lacrosse which is played outside.
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What are trinket boxes?

Trinket boxes are really a treasure to behold. Use them to store small items, or just for decoration. A typical box for trinkets will be able to contain all those little memen (MORE)

What is a Boxing compass?

"Boxing the compass" is the act of reciting the 32 principal points of the compass. It was a necessary skill of all mariners before the mid1930's. Up until this time, ship's o (MORE)

Girth of a box?

The Girth Formula for a box is this: 2x (width + height)..... for example if a box's length measures 30" along each side, the width being the measurement of the smaller adjace (MORE)

What is a meter box?

A meter box is the metal box mounted to the external wall of a home that houses the meters, circuit breakers etc. Hope that helps! : P
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How do you learn to box?

The only way to learn how to box is to join a boxing gym and listen to your trainer.   Answer   You can sign up with a local boxing club or a YMCA program.   Answe (MORE)

What is paradox box?

The paradox box can be easily done. 1. Acquire/steal portal gun (Create real-life Portal game for easy acquiring/stealing) 2. Shoot portals in box and wall. 3. Throw box in w (MORE)

How do you use disambiguation in a sentence?

The word "disambiguation" is a noun, a word for wording that  has undergone clarification, from which ambiguity has been removed.   A noun is used as the subject of a sen (MORE)