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What is the value of a Crosman Mark 1 Ruger style pellgun which is in it's original box with the original manual and in excellent condition?

The Blue Book of Air Guns lists the Mark 1 Ruger in  excellent condition with box in the range of $110 to $137.50 if it  has adjustable power and 10% less if it does not hav (MORE)
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What boxing trainer brought the mayweather style of mittwork to the east coast?

The Mayweather style of boxing mittwork, in particular, Roger  Mayweather's boxing mittwork system, was introduced to the East  Coast, namely, New Jersey, by a professional (MORE)

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What is the value of a Jack in the Box Hamburgers 1976 liberty mug style drinking glass?

The Bicentennial Liberty glasses are like mason jars with a handle, and have a Liberty Bell on the side and the dates 1776 and 1976 on opposites sides. Looking through the mug (MORE)
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What was Rocky Marciano's style of boxing?

  Marciano was a brawler/swarmer who threw massive volumes of punches. He had a very strong chin, and monumental punch power in both hands. His stamina and determination w (MORE)

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What is the writing style technique of Thanatopsis?

Here's my take on it: Nature speaks to the people who she loves and who are familiar with her appearance. When they are happy, she speaks in a beautiful, satisfying voice, and (MORE)
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Physical effects of styling techniques on the hair structure?

Hair in good condition is flexible and elastic. The hair is twisted under pressure into curved shapes. It is stretched outward of the curve and it is flattened on the inner si (MORE)
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What are styles?

From my knowlege style is a way an individual customizes things to their liking. In terms of fashion Marc Jacobs said it best," Fashion is what we see on the runway but style (MORE)