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Who are the Asian Boyz?

Asian boyz is a gang started out in the late 80's in the Los Angeles area, although it is generally stated that it started out in long beach that is not really correct. In the (MORE)
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Did doughboy die in boyz n the hood?

Yes doughboy was killed 2 weeks after he had killed Ricky's murderers... you do not see this in the movie... but at the end it says he was indeed killed 2 weeks later.
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Who are the G4 Boyz?

Ice and Buggy are the stage names of two brothers from born in  Staten Island, New York and part raised in Ohio to a mother and  father of Nigerian and Ghanaian origin. The (MORE)

Where is the hood release on a 2003 Volkswage n Passat?

  Well, if it's anything like my 2004 Passat, then there is a little lever on the driver's side wall under the dash/steering wheel, next to the front of the driver's side (MORE)