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Why do they call James j braddock the Cinderella man?

They reference him as the Cinderella man because of the way his life progressed. he went from nothing to a great boxer. rags to riches if you will. This mimics Cinderella's st (MORE)

How did General Edward Braddock die?

General Edward Braddock suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of the Wilderness (Battle of Monongahela) in July 1755. Braddock was mortally wounded in the battle by a shot (MORE)

Was General Edward Braddock fatally shot in battle?

General Edward Braddock was shot in battle. He suffered a mortal  wound to the chest. He fell dead on the battlefield.
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How did James braddock die?

According to the James J. Braddock memorial website (, there is no cause of death listed. It states that he passed away in his sleep at his home in Nort (MORE)
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Why was General Edward Braddock a poor choice of leader for the task he was given?

Edward Braddock was a poor choice of leader during the French and Indian War because he was more accustomed to traditional means of warfare and could not defend against the In (MORE)

What is an expedition?

A journey undertaken by an organized group of people with adefinite objective. These may include exploration, scientificresearch, or war. The word can also apply collectively (MORE)
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What is James Braddock know for doing?

James Braddock is known for being an American boxer. He was the world heavyweight champion from 1935-1937. He was the inspiration for the movie Cinderella Man.
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