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What is the definition of bragging?

Answer . Bragging is when someone CONSTANTLY tells people about something they may have succeeded in or perhaps they were told by their boss they were intelligent and doin (MORE)

Why do people brag?

bragging . people brag because they like to think there better than other people. When they have newer and shinier things or did better than someone else at an event.. Dav (MORE)

What is the meaning of bragging?

The word "bragging" means to talk about one's accomplishments,experience, position, or person in a way that indicates a personfeels superior. Other words for bragging are: boa (MORE)
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Who are the BRAGS?

BRAGS are a group of girls that I made up... they are a best friend group. stands for Betina, Rachel, Annie, Grace and Sarah. ~Alexludwigluvr5126~

What is the meaning of brag?

to boast a boast or boastful talk.. to speak very highly of something weather it deserves it or not. pretty much show off.. Brag can also be an adjective meaning "exception (MORE)
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Is brag a verb?

The word brag can be used as a verb, but it can also be used as a noun, and informally as an adjective. Here are the definitions for all three.. Verb: to say something in a b (MORE)
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Was it something to brag about?

Your good qualities, but I suggest not to brag and stay humble. Just wait and let the people praise you, this way you would feel better than bragging to people and expecting t (MORE)