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Who are Brahma Kumaris?

The answer to your question can be easily found by "googling" brahma kumaris. or searching for it on Good luck.

What does Brahma represent?

1. BRAHMA - IN HINDU MYTHOLOGY In Hindu mythology, Brahma is the god of creation of the universe and all the living creatures in it. 2. IN BRAHMAJNANA According to Brahmaj (MORE)

Who are the Sons of Brahma?

Brahma's mind born sons are the seers Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Pracetas, Vashishta, Bhrgu and Narada. From Brahma's body came his nine sons Daksa, Dhar (MORE)

What are facts about brahma?

He is the creator . he is part of the Trimurti . he has 4 heads . he has four arms . he holds a lotus flower in a hand . he holds a rosary in a hand . he holds a water p (MORE)

Who worships Brahma?

Though Brahma is a Hindu God, he is not worshiped by many Hindus. To understand why Lord Brahma the creator (not to be confused with Brahman) is not worshiped by Hindus, yo (MORE)

What is the story of brahma?

Brahma is the least worshipped god in Hinduism. This is because stories were told about him making his wife and daughter, fancying then marrying his own daughter, Saraswati, g (MORE)

Why is Brahma not worshipped?

I once asked a Vedantist Swami this very same question. I believe there are indeed only two temples left in India that are dedicated to Brahma specifically. The Swami told (MORE)

What does Brahma carry?

he carries the vedas (holy scriptures) that represents almight power of Brahman and Brahma as he is the creator of worlds.

How does Brahma have to do with Hindu?

Yes. Brahma is one of the Trimutri (Great Trinity). He is the God of Creation and is in the Trimutri with Shiva and Vishnu. Vishnu is said to be the 'Supreme Gods' as well (MORE)

Who was Brahma in Hinduism?

According to Hindu Scriptures Lord Brahma was the creator ofmankind. He is one of the important God in Hindu trinity.