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Who is a nai brahmin?

It is the barber caste. They also play music (nadaswaram - in marriages and other traditional functions) and also were involved in ayurvedic medicine... The orign of Barber: (MORE)

Are shettigar brahmins?

Yes. They have Brahmanical ancestry. But present day shettigars are not vegetarians.....the rest of the practices are like brahmins..
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Is jangam brahmin?

Yes, Jangam's are Brahmin's. Basically Jangam's are Smarta Brahmin's. Jangam or Smarta Brahmins warships Lord Shiva and Madhwa or Vaishanav Brahmin's warship Lord Vishnu. Thes (MORE)

What is a brahmin in India?

· Under the Indian caste system a Brahmin is a member of the highest caste. Priests and scholars are classified as Brahmins, and members of this caste have traditionally bee (MORE)

Who are brahmin kings?

After the Mauryan rule Pushyamitra, the founder of the Sunga dynasty established his rule. The Sungas ruled for over a hundred years. The extent of the Sunga kingdom under Pus (MORE)
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Is rao brahmin is brahmin?

Rao Brahmin is title of brahmin community and they are the kulguru of his own brahmin community and each brahmin comunity selected one of the best personal to serve his commun (MORE)

What were the diets of the brahmins?

Their diet is mainly meat milk and bread. Lentils and wheat bread or rice is the normal food in India. Milk, of course, is universally appreciated. As for meat, it depends on (MORE)
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Who are rudraj brahmins?

Nath, debnath, devnath all belongs to rudraj brahmins.goshal and bhowmick also belong in that trend.