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Does psychosis cause brain damage?

Some doctors say that it can eat away at the white matter of thebrain and also enlarge ventricles implying brain damage. Most toppsychiatrists I've talked to say "the jury is (MORE)

Can computers cause brain damage?

There is no evidence that they do so. What they can do is cause psychological problems. Some people kill themselves over what is said about them online. There are also problem (MORE)

Can computers give you brain damage?

Some would say, 'only when they go wrong'. Seriously, some research has been done into the effects of IT on the human body, however, the findings should be reviewed with a d (MORE)
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Is DAI brain damage curable?

Yes, it is curable with a miracle from God Almighty, by His Grace. Other countries may refer to Him by a different name. Prayers are His means of our communicating with Him. H (MORE)

Which are the drugs that causes brain damage?

every single drug does. besides marijuana, that just causes short term memory loss while you are under the influence of it. technically its a herb. why do you think its beginn (MORE)
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What can permanently damage your brain?

The following may all potentially cause permanent brain damage: Hypoxia / Anoxia The brain uses approximately 20% of the bodies total oxygen intake, which is used to make gl (MORE)