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Can brain damage kill you?

For brain damage to kill you directly, the damage would have to occur in a vital center of your brain. that controls breathing, heart rate, etc. Brain damage kills you i (MORE)

Does bleach cause brain damage?

It depends if you're exposed to large amounts of bleach it could cause coughing, nausea, shortness of breath, watery eyes, chest pains, irritation to the throat, nose and eyes (MORE)

Does morphine cause brain damage?

It's not going to make you "Special" but it can cause damage to pain receptors. Their are few long term side effects from using morphine especially if used by a Physician. You (MORE)

Can epilepsy cause brain damage?

The question here was "CAN epilepsy cause brain damage?"   The answer is an unequivocal, "YES, it can"   Frequent and/or prolonged seizures can indeed cause brain damage (MORE)

How do drugs cause brain damage?

Drugs are chemicals and so any chemical inside the human brain causes it to react. Drugs interfere with the several activities of brain which drive us to perform normal things (MORE)

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