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What will not result in traumatic brain injury?

All of these would not result in a traumatic brain injury: . Regular sleep on a daily basis (without falling out of bed,that is). . Anaphylactic mishap . Staying in bed. . (MORE)

What is anoxic brain injury?

    Anoxic brain injury is the result of a major lack of oxygen to the brain. When the brain doesn't receive proper amounts of glucose and oxygen, nerves in the cortex (MORE)
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Why you should protect your brain from injury?

You should protect your brain from injury because your brain is THE MOST important organ in your body. Any damage to the brain can cause serious effects that could very well c (MORE)
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What are the features of a severe brain injury?

Symptoms of severe brain injury can vary greatly, depending on  which part of the brain is damaged. Unconsciousness can occur  immediately after suffering trauma. Other poss (MORE)

Receive disability for brain injury?

  There are various federal programs in place to help those with traumatic brain injury. These include Social Security and assistance from the state department of rehabili (MORE)

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