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Is mustard bran gluten free?

Yes, it is. Check to make sure with the manufacturer that the product hasn't come into contact with gluten-containing substances, but "bran" is just the outer coating of grain (MORE)
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When was the Bran Castle built?

The original castle, from wood components, dates from approximately 1212. Related Information: The rebuilt castle, from stones, dates from approximately 1378.
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What is the difference between unprocessed bran and wheat bran?

  Processed bran is unprocessed bran that has been subject to a short cooking process known as extrusion by which the bran is subject to a temperature of 120 degree C and (MORE)

What is bran mash?

 A bran mash was a traditional feed used to "clear a horse's gut" but it is also often given as a treat or when the weather is cold to give the horse a warm meal and to try (MORE)

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