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What is branding?

Answer . The means by which names, logos, symbols, trademarks, or product design endow goods or services with a recognizable presence and a set of associated values or expe (MORE)

What is a brand?

A brand is a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service. Brand recognition and other reactions are created by the use of the product or serv (MORE)

Name brand clothing brands?

Rock and Republic, AD-Hardy, True Religion, Gucci Corona, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Mervyn's, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Versace, Céline, Givenchy, Bvlgari, Lanvin, Guerlain, (MORE)

What is the corporate brands and products brands?

If I understand your question, there are many individuals who confuse name brands with the generic product. For example, do you have any scotch tape (name brand). It is really (MORE)

What is branding and give an example of branding?

"A brand is a name or trademark connected with a product or producer . Brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as (MORE)

Why is it important to study brands and branding?

Branding helps businesses differentiate themselves from each other. Successful brands are those who seem to run a 'monopoly' in their industries. They tend to control the indu (MORE)

What about brand?

Brand is the name, logo, symbol, image or character that defines product - gives name to the product. It is used for products and services in order to identify them from other (MORE)

What do you have to do to get your brand out?

I always get people thinking in 3 steps: (1) Creat a strong brand: This means that the foundation to your marketing campaign hinges on you, what you do for the market, and h (MORE)