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What is the function of a brand manager?

First brand manager should understand his duty because to promote the brand in the market it should be in better manner as well as manager of brand his primary duty to create (MORE)

What is meant by brand management?

It is managing the way(s) your brand is distributed through various communications as well as how it is perceived. Brand management is managing the tangible and intangible fe (MORE)

What are the duties and responsibilities of a brand Manager?

• Ensuring that the CEO shares the primary brand champion role with you   • Ensuring that the brand has a carefully crafted mission, vision and promise   • (MORE)

What about brand?

Brand is the name, logo, symbol, image or character that defines product - gives name to the product. It is used for products and services in order to identify them from other (MORE)

What is the role advertising in brand management?

Advertisement helps in creating awareness about a brand. It helps in creating a brand image,by depicting the characteristics of the brand ,how it is different from the competi (MORE)
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What are the decisions that a brand manager has to take?

The decison is based on success, deliberation, effort, personilization and focus. A management position is facts /knowledge. Its not something that any person will be able to (MORE)

What do you have to do to get your brand out?

I always get people thinking in 3 steps: (1) Creat a strong brand: This means that the foundation to your marketing campaign hinges on you, what you do for the market, and how (MORE)