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Who is brandy green?

I am a human being. I live on planet earth. I used to be on tv and  have traveled to 40 countries and 6 continents.
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Is Austin Carlile Christian?

Yes, but he doesn't really live a Christian lifestyle, he does have lyrics about God when he was in Attack Attack! but, that was against the will of other members of AA!. The (MORE)

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What is biscuit brandy?

Biscuit Brandy is a type of sweet biscuit that may be used as a  sweet treat or dessert after dinner. They may also be called Brandy  Snaps and are made from plain flour, bu (MORE)

How do you serve brandy?

  to serve brandy one should utilize a snifter, a glass which looks basically like a short stemmed burgundy wine glass, wide bottom, narrow top which allows for much of th (MORE)

Does brandy spoil?

Hmm, does it spoil, well it depends on what you mean. If you mean it for putting in food then it wont spoil the food if very little is put in.
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How do you store brandy?

Store it upright. Brandy is often kept for much longer than wine and you don't want the spirit tainted by the cork.
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