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Do brandy snaps contain brandy?

yes ½ cup golden syrup 100 g unsalted butter 1 teaspoon brandy ½ cup brown sugar 80 g flour 1 teaspoon ground ginger Preheat oven to 160°C. In a large saucepan, m (MORE)

Why is brandy colorless?

It's colorless because it's distilled and contains basically just ethanol and water. However, it gains color through its aging in oak barrels.
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What was the song 'Brandy' about?

The barmaid is waiting for the sailor she loves to return from his voyage. But he will never come home to stay because he loves the sea more than he loves her.
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Why is brandy served in a brandy balloon?

The large surface area of the brandy balloon helps evaporate it, the narrow top traps the aroma inside the glass, while the rounded bottom allows the glass to be cupped in the (MORE)
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Is there caffeine in brandy?

No, but you can buy brandy that has it in it (Allen's coffee flavored brandy).

What is biscuit brandy?

Biscuit Brandy is a type of sweet biscuit that may be used as asweet treat or dessert after dinner. They may also be called BrandySnaps and are made from plain flour, butter, (MORE)