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What is he brant line?

It is a line that seperates the rich north part of the world from the poorer southern part of the world. It is all to do with geography and MEDC's and LEDC's. i don't know wea (MORE)
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Did Joseph Brant have a sister?

Yes, Joseph Brant had a sister named Mary/Molly Brant . She was widowed after been married for years to William Johnson, a wealthy and powerful Irish trader who had been i (MORE)

Why is molly brant famous?

molly Brant was a Mohawk Indian and the companion of Sir William Johnson, a large landowner and the British Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the northern colonies during t (MORE)

Who is Brant Colella?

Brant Colella is a singer-songwriter currently developing a fan base within the Portland, OR area. His vocal style, guitar work and the distinctive musical progression within (MORE)
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What is joesph brant known for?

joseph brant was known for beging the Six Nations war chief and British military Cpt. Micky.J:)

What are facts about chief Joseph brant?

Brant, Joseph, 1742-1807, chief of the Mohawk. His Mohawk name is usually rendered as Thayendanegea. He served under Sir William Johnson in the French and Indian War, and Jo (MORE)
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What is Monica Brant most known for?

Monica Brant is a fitness guru who won the 'Ms Fitness Olympia' title in 1998. A professional bodybuilder, she is a familiar figure on the cover of fitness magazines.