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Is brave a noun?

The word brave is a noun; brave is also and adjective (brave, braver, bravest) and a verb (brave, braves, braving, braved). Examples: Noun: The brave are not those who aren' (MORE)

What makes You brave?

start little then a little more and a little more and keep starting little and higher so your child will be brave

How brave were the ANZACs?

Throughout the Gallipoli Campaign the ANZAC soldiers fought with bravery not found in many British soldiers. The ANZACs showed this bravery when storming up the beaches and cl (MORE)

Why are soldiers brave?

Soldiers are brave because they choose to serve their country and  risk life and limb to protect their country.
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Why was Sacagawea brave?

She carried her baby boy Pomp for the whole journey after giving birth to him. Sacajawea also found food for everyone most of the time. She also dealt with illness and hardshi (MORE)

What is the feminine of brave?

The English language typically does not have grammatical gender, as  in other languages. Furthermore, brave is an adjective which  further cannot be feminized.

How is Tupac brave?

Because he began talking about how dirty the governement is and how hard life on the streets was, knowing that when he would talk about it it probably would cost him his life. (MORE)
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How was hypatia brave?

Hypatia was more likely a victim of being at the wrong place at the  wrong time, rather than being a martyr for any particular religious  or political belief.   She was (MORE)