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Why are the Atlanta Braves called the Braves?

Answer . \nThe team became the Braves for the first time in 1912. Their owner, James Gaffney, was nicknamed "the Brave of Tammany Hall". Tammany Hall's symbol was an India (MORE)
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How was he brave?

There are many ways in which a man or boy can be brave. He can bebrave by trying new things.
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How be a brave?

Do something you have never done before. Don't be afraid to be different and just be yourself and most of the time your bravery will show through you.
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Why are the braves called braves?

The "Braves" name, which was first used in 1912, originates from a term for a Native American warrior. They are nicknamed "the Bravos", and often self-styled as "America's Tea (MORE)
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Who was the shortstoper for the braves?

As of now, Alex Gonzalez, who was accquired from the Toronto Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar. However, that may change soon because the Braves have a lot of solid minor league sho (MORE)
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How brave were the ANZACs?

Throughout the Gallipoli Campaign the ANZAC soldiers fought with bravery not found in many British soldiers. The ANZACs showed this bravery when storming up the beaches and cl (MORE)
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What is meaning of brave?

it is anyone who can show courage when faced with problem.someone who is there to help others and gives them strength to go on through lifes difficults. and i do belived that (MORE)
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How brave was Macbeth?

He was brave u can see from the start of the book i lazy quote :D
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How do you be brave when performing?

I used to get nervous when performing in fact i still do. I usually get nervous right before a show but i love performing. You get used to it after a while but it never really (MORE)
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What did Brave want in the movie Brave?

You mean Merida? She wanted to be able to have her own say in choosing her fate. She didn't want to get married at 16 just because it was the custom.