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What is the color of bravery?

The colours purple, red and blue are fairly evenly matched. Red and blue are the colours carried on many of the nations flags and national flags inspire courage. Purple is clo (MORE)

What is the difference between bravery and courage?

Answer: Medals are awarded for both bravery and for courage so there is a difference. Bravery is completing an action that is very dangerous and possibly life threatening with (MORE)
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Red and white bravery award?

  Red and White Awards were awards instituted by Godfrey Phillips India Limited (A tobacco company) to promote its brand of cigarettes by the same name, "Red and White." T (MORE)

How did Anne Frank show bravery?

I belive that Anne Frank showed bravery by believing in everything she was taught and even though Hitler was ruining everything she showed bravery by holding on and especially (MORE)
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What type of noun is the word bravery?

The word bravery is a common, uncountable,  abstract noun, a word for an emotion, a word for a quality  of character.   Bravery is not something you can physically touch (MORE)