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What does bravery mean?

Bravery is doing what needs to be done, despite fear. Jumping into shark-infested waters to rescue a child is not bravery unless you know about the sharks. There needs to b (MORE)

What is the color of bravery?

The colours purple, red and blue are fairly evenly matched. Red and blue are the colours carried on many of the nations flags and national flags inspire courage. Purple is clo (MORE)
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What does bravery?

Soldiers do bravery, firefighters, police officers, but the littlest form of bravery is things like friend fights and problems.

Is bravery a pronoun?

No, the word bravery is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for courageous behavior or character. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a se (MORE)

Who is goddess of bravery?

Ares was a god of bravery, as was Arete goddess of valor, also Athena might be called a goddess of bravery for she was a goddess who helped heroes.