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Sentence with brazen?

Brazen is a word that refers to someone who is bold and brave. An  example of a sentence with this word might be, "The firemen  brazenly charged into the burning building, r (MORE)

How can you use brazen in a sentence?

There are at least three ways Brazen can be used in a sentence. One is as being bold and without shame. Two is as a loud and harsh sound. Third is as something is made of bras (MORE)

How do you use brazen?

1) If you mean something actually made of brass, as "a brazen basin," or 2) if you wish to liken audacious behavior to the shininess of polished brass, as "Such brazen women, (MORE)
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What is the noun for brazen?

The noun form for the adjective brazen is brazenness. The noun form for the verb brazen is the present participle, a gerund (verbal noun), brazening.
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What is definition of the word brazen?

It can mean made of brass or bronze. - Depends where you hear it. In northern England means 'showy', 'brassy' and cheap, all glitter and no substance.
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