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What is a 'Breach of Peace'?

Breach of the peace: That means that the repossession agent in repossessing the vehicle cannot: forcibly remove you from the vehicle; stop you on the street or highway like (MORE)

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What is Breach Of Contract?

A breach of contract in legal terms amounts to a broken promise to do or not do an act. Breaches of a contract are single, occurring at a single point in time, or continuing b (MORE)

What is a breach of contract?

legal cause of action in which a binding agreement or bargained-for  exchange is not honored by one or more of the parties to the  contract by non-performance or interferenc (MORE)

Why do whales breach?

I've heard two suggestions for breaching. One signalling to all other whales that I've arrived. Two annoyance at being observed and trying to frighten people away. Whales jump (MORE)

What is breach of probation?

When you don't respect the conditions of your probation (and get caught doing so). It could be for example: not being allowed in contact with a certain person, not allowed on (MORE)

When is copyright breach?

When you use materials that are not entirely your own, for which you don't have an exception in the law, or for which you don't have permission.
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How do you spell breaches?

There are two words with different spellings: breaches - plural of breach (an opening or gap) or the present tense of to breach breeches - trousers (or specifically horse-ridi (MORE)

What is orca breaching?

Orca breaching is when an orca propels itself out of the water with its powerful flukes (tail), then plunges its whole body sideways onto the surface of the water with an enor (MORE)