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What is in bread?

All breads have at least two ingredients: some kind offlour--example, wheat, spelt, etc.--and some sort ofmoistener--example: milk, water, etc. Beyond this, you can doalmost a (MORE)
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Where do you get bread from?

Wheat, is only one of many "bread-stuffs". Many different grains are used in the USA--wheat, rye, barley, and corn to name just a few. Include other countries and the field ex (MORE)
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What can we get from bread?

Bread provides the maximum amount of nutrients needed for growth.It is a best source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibres andcomplex carbohydrates.
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What does bread have in it?

Bread is traditionally made with flour, water, lard or vegetable shortening, yeast, and salt. You may include additional ingredients for different types of bread.

What kind of bread is pita bread?

It is a flat bread that is round and is hollow after baking. Often cut in half and stuffed with sandwich fillings. It can be used as a wrap around various foods, or torn and u (MORE)

Is rye bread the best bread?

If your considering healthy then yes my friend eats them with cheese but I find them disgusting so probably yes health wise

Is corn bread a cake or bread?

Corn bread is a generic name for any quick bread made from corn meal and leavened by baking soda. There are many variations of cornbread, some more dense and "cakey" and other (MORE)
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What breading is?

Breading is when a person followers or copy's what someone does or says. (like copying a word)