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What is a breadboard for?

A bread board is used to protect the bench top when cutting bread vegetables meat or other things in the kitchen.i.e you put the stuff you want to cut on the bread board not o (MORE)

What was a breadboard radio?

Breadboard radios hark back to the very early days of radio technology, when enthusiasts constructed their own primitive radio devices using household supplies such as breadbo (MORE)

Advantages of breadboard?

The advantages of the breadboard is that it allows very quick  integration of various circuits. The electrical components are not  soldered and therefore are not damaged.
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How a breadboard work?

A breadboard is a device used to create temporary circuits. There are two bus strips on either side of the board that travel down the length of the board. They are usually lab (MORE)
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Uses and function of breadboard?

  A breadboard, being a reusable solderless circuit board with electrical contacts arranged in rows and columns has many uses, depending on the user. Having electrical c (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a breadboard?

Type your answer here... A breadboard is used to make up temporary circuits for testing or to try out an idea. No soldering is required so it is easy to change connecti (MORE)

What are the standard sizes of breadboards?

You most commonly see mini breadboards with 170 holes (17*10, no bus lines), mid size with 400 holes and bus lines, lagre ones with ~850 holes (including bus lines) and huge o (MORE)
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Why do people use breadboards?

People use breadboards for easily constructing electronic circuit boards. These are honestly rarely used anymore since a little thing called technology took over.
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What are the applications of breadboard?

Breadboards are used for quick prototyping of electronic circuit  schematics without having to resort to soldering and desoldering  for every change to be made, and that in (MORE)