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What is the best brand of breadcrumbs?

Answer . That depends. For a coarse, crunchy coating on fillets or chops, Panko is a popular brand as it stays extremely crunchy. For a delicate fish or dishes such as Ma (MORE)
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Function of breadcrumbs?

Bread crumbs act as a binder in some recipes like meatloaf or crab cakes. In other recipes they act as a crust for fried food. In still others they form a crunchy topping for (MORE)

How do you store breadcrumbs?

you make breadcumbs the usual way you make them and then you must put them in a superbly airtight container thus keeping the container in a cool and dry place where it willl l (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'breadcrumbs' when referring to the Internet?

Breadcrumb trail . When referring to the Internet and/or web pages, a breadcrumb trail is a listing of pages often located at the top of the page that helps a user see whe (MORE)

How do you egg and breadcrumb?

It's usually 'flour, egg then breadcrumb' in that order. First coat the thing in seasoned flour, then dip in beaten egg, then coat in breadcrumbs. Repeat once. Then cook.

What is a breadcrumb trail within a computer?

Often during a TV show or a movie you will hear someone saying 'they have left behind a breadcrumb trail' when talking about hackers or someone accessing a computer system. A (MORE)

What is breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are crushed dry bread. They commonly are used to coatmeat and other foods to prepare for deep frying.