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How do you break the Internet?

Try googling google, or you could just unplug the cat 5 from the back of your computer. That will break the internet, but of course you won't be able to check whether it worke (MORE)
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What is breaking in netball?

a player who is not playing a center position crossing the  transverse line before the whistle has been blown for the center  pass
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How do you break a chair?

Many comedians employ physical humor as part of their repertiore, and have a specially prepared chair for them to innocently sit upon, only to have it collapse from under them (MORE)

Is a break in a relationship a break up?

In some cases, a couple may require a break from each other to give them space. Sometimes the break is permanent, and other times the couple will use the time to think and rel (MORE)

How can you break nebero?

Use the software called Ultra Surf. It itself is like a proxy, used to bypass the Nebero, but remember if your admin notice this, it can close the port used for bypassing Nebe (MORE)

What to do after breaking up?

After breaking up with someone, surround yourself around things that you love. if you have friends, talk to them more and strengthen your friendship with them. if you have a h (MORE)

What is meaning of the poem of break break break?

The speaker in the poem is telling how grief suffocates him to the  point of not being able to voice his thoughts (stanza 1) and that  even the cheerfulness of the people ar (MORE)