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What are breaks?

Breaks is used to imply luck that favors you or a chance event. E.g.: I got my break in the movies when I met Stanly Kuberick at a book store. I sliced that ball, but it hit (MORE)
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Break break break poem summary?

he speaker is looking at the ocean and wishing he knew how to express his grief. He sees a fisherman's kid hanging out with his sister, and he hears a sailor singing, but they (MORE)

Is a break in a relationship a break up?

In some cases, a couple may require a break from each other to give them space. Sometimes the break is permanent, and other times the couple will use the time to think and rel (MORE)

What can break?

The list of items that can break would be endless... such as: . car, truck . television . computer . computer printer . microwave . air conditioner . fan . light or (MORE)
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How do you break a will?

If it is your own Will, a document you wrote or hired an attorneyto write, just rip it up or destroy it. If the Will is someoneelse's Will, you are bound by the Court to uphol (MORE)
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What is meaning of the poem of break break break?

The speaker in the poem is telling how grief suffocates him to thepoint of not being able to voice his thoughts (stanza 1) and thateven the cheerfulness of the people around h (MORE)