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What is a bream fish?

bream fish also known as black bream are a salt water fish which can only grow up to 48 centimetres from tip of tail to top of mouth
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How long does a bream live for?

A bream can live for up to 20 plus years. If the bream is not hybrid it would take that long just to reach about 2gk.

How do you catch bream?

NO YOU PFAFF! you dont have a clue how to catch a bream! you are an idiot. Go down to the swan river and steal some bait off those asain buggers who keep the undersize bream! (MORE)

Where do bream feed?

they feed on the bottom for little cockles or they may snatch a lure, they only eat small thing as they only grow to 48 centimetres from tip of tail to tip of mouth
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What is bream fishing?

In the US, various sunfish species are collectively called "bream". This comes from the European fish called bream. The species of sunfish called bream (pronounced "brim") are (MORE)
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What are shannon breams measurements?

Shannon Bream is a popular journalist on the Fox News Channel.ÂShannon's exact measurements are not known however she appears tobe slender in nature.