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What were pitbulls bred for?

Answer . At first they were bred to fight bulls in late 1800's. After a while people started breeding them for entertainment to fight other Pits, (disgustingly).Now it's fo (MORE)

How do you bred mice?

Get a female mouse and male mouse, keep them in the same cage, they are likely to mate or breed if they're alone together.

How was the pug bred?

The pug was first bred in China circa 4th century BC. It is believed to be a miniaturized mastiff. Sources: " Encyclopedia of the Dog" David Alderton "Legacy of the Dog" T (MORE)

When were Newfoundlands bred?

In the early 1880s fishermen and explorers from Ireland and England traveled to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, where they described two main types of working dog. One was he (MORE)
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What are Chiweenies bred to do?

They were bred to be a long chihuahua, so they won't have a lot of back problems like regular dachshunds do. They ARE NOT lapdogs (lapdogs are small dogs that like to be clo (MORE)

Why were the Rottweilers bred?

Rottweilers were generally bred to herd sheep and livestock and also for protection. In the roman times, Romans breed rottweilers in order for them kill their enemy and that (MORE)

What was the pitbull bred for?

The original pitbull for intended for dog fighting. In the course of creating the perfect dog for fighting, the best dog temperamemt was created. A real pitbull will not show (MORE)

What are schnauzers bred for?

schnauzers come in three diffrent sizes.them being minture,standard and giant the miniture(my favourite) was bred in Germany for ratting on the farms.the standered work as a (MORE)