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Where is Drew Brees from?

He was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Went to Westlake High School, and was a quarterback for New OrleansSaints of the NFL. Went to Purdue University and had an excellent f (MORE)

Who is Bree Cullen?

Technically, Bree isn't a Cullen. She was one of the newborns in Victoria'sarmy. Carlisle offered her the chance to surrender. She surrenders, but has a difficult time staying (MORE)

Who is bree in eclipse?

bree was one of the new born vampires that were attacking the cullens in the clearing. the cullens let her live though because she said she wouldn't hurt them but the volturi (MORE)

Does bree have crabs?

Yes. To the extent that if you come in direct contact with her, you and your next 3 generations in your family will obtain crabs.
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What does bree bree mean?

Its a type of "screaming" technique used by vocalists of some bands. also is a song by "brokencyde" and it is my name or a nick name of breanna , brianna or brenna

Who is bree in twighlight?

Bree Tanner was a vampire created by Victoria, with the purpose of fighting to kill the Cullen Family with her army of newborn vampires. Despite her ignorance of the vampire (MORE)

What rhymes with bree?

See, Free, Me, Lee (left wind), Key, Wee!, Tea, Tee, Tree, Three, CD, Fee, Gee, TV, Emily, Cecily, Milly, Flee, Knee, Pea, Pee, Uppity, Border Collie, Lolly, Holly, Folly, Mol (MORE)
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Why did Bree have to die?

Because in Bella's' eyes it teaches her that she mustn't be a human killer otherwise she will get killed herself