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How did Drew Brees get a scar on his face?

It's not a scar. The mark on Drew Brees' face is a birthmark that he was born with. He had surgery a few years ago, while playing for Purdue, to try to remove it, but it has (MORE)

Why does bree tanner die?

Because, according to the Volturi, she broke the one of the most important vampire laws: not to expose themselves (vampires), especially by drawing attention to themselves by (MORE)

Where is Drew Brees from?

He was born and raised in Austin, Texas.   Went to Westlake High School, and was a quarterback for New Orleans  Saints of the NFL.   Went to Purdue University and had (MORE)

Who killed bree?

The Volturi killed Bree. Carlisle was willing to spare her for she didn't know the rules, but as the Volturi say "We do not offer second chances."
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Why did Drew Brees get his nickname?

Well, Drew Brees has more than one nickname. Three of them are "Cool Brees", "Hurricane Drew", and "Doggy". "Cool Brees" is an obvious nickname due to his last name being Bree (MORE)