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How do you get get your nintendog to breed?

you have to have two dogs of the same breeds a boy and a girl only feed them milk and dry food dont let the girl go on walks or in contests only the boy can. leave a space for (MORE)

Can you breed different breeds of rabbits?

Not entirely sure what this question is asking. But to cover all the bases: All breeds of rabbits can be mixed to created a mixed breed rabbit. At the fundamental level, they (MORE)

What breed is not an endangered horse breed?

Well as you can see there are more non-endangered horse breeds in the world then endangered horse breed.Im a horse freak,and one of the most endangered breed is the Przewalski (MORE)

What is breeding in and breeding out?

    Breeding in is breeding with someone who is related to you. And breeding out is when someone is not related to you. For example lets say a girl dog and a boy dog b (MORE)

What does a breed society do?

Breed  societys have a variety of roles, but their most important role is  to preserve integrity of the breed they are focused on. Dog breed  societies also serve to promot (MORE)

How do you get your hamsters to breed?

First, put them in two separate containers and put them together. Then they will see each other however at a distance. After they have calmed down after them being so closecar (MORE)

Do you have to have a breeding permit to breed cats?

No, but if you raise and sell them as a business, you have to have  a license and pay taxes.
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