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How old is Martin Milner?

US actor Martin Milner (Route 66, Adam-12) was 83 years old when he  died on September 6, 2015.   (born December 28, 1931)
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What does the name 'Brenda' mean?

The meaning of the name Brenda is "Sword" The origin of the name Brenda is "Scandinavian" Notes: Feminine form of Brand.   -(noun) a female given name: from a Germani (MORE)
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When did brenda ann Spencer get arrested?

jan 29 1979 She has already come up for parole. She was denied. She will never be let out. The relatives of the Principle go to her parole hearings. She also claims not to re (MORE)

What Is Brenda Song?

you should be asking who is brenda song. brenda song is an Asian, American actress, singer and songwritter. she is born march 27 1985 and she is 23 year's old. type brenda son (MORE)

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