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Who is Brendan Ferrer?

Brendan Ferrer is an actor. Brendan is mostly known for his rolesin the 1999 films Taking of Pelham 123 and Duplicity.
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What rhymes with Brendan?

There are a variety of words that rhyme with Brendan. These includemendan, tendon, Crittenden, McClendon, as well as Achilles tendon.
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Who is Brendan McCullum?

He is a New Zealand International cricket player who opens the batting in both T20 and ODI's. He also is the keeper in tests and ODI's and T20.
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Who is brendan from Pokemon?

Brendan is one of the main characters that you can play as in the Hoenn Pokemon games, along with May.
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Who is Mary Brendan?

Mary Brandon is Alice. Mary Alice Brandon was her name before she was turned into a Vampire. Page 352 New Moon.
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What is Saint Brendan the patron saint of?

Saint Brendan, also known as "Brandan" or "Brendan tha Navigator", was born in the year 460 A.D. in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. He was a priest and a monk who was educated ( Full Answer )
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What is 'Brendan' in Italian?

Brendan is the same in English and Italian, because of the tendency to respect the original language's spelling.
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Who was Brendan the Bold?

He was a monk from Ireland who has a book written about how he discovered America around 900 AD. His story also includes talking birds, though, so not everyone believes it.
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What are the Brendan Lim notes?

Any "Brendan Lim notes" are notes privately held by Brendan Lim, a graduate of the University of Adelaide Law School. They have never been distributed to anyone else. Any note ( Full Answer )
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Who is Brendan Smyth?

Brendan Smyth is a ACT politician, for liberals. He is shadow minister for things like treasury. He is a very important man.