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Who are Booth and Brennan?

Seeley Joseph Booth and Temperance Brennan are characters from the Fox TV show "Bones" played respectively by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Booth is an FBI agent and B (MORE)

What rhymes with Brennan?

Kennan (George, political scientist)   Lennon (John, musician)   Mennen (Speed Stick, deodorant)    Can Brennan fly?   We want to know,   Ken 'n' I
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Who is Temprance Brennan?

Temprance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist in the Bones books by: Kathy Reicks and on the TV show Bones. She also appears in the Virals books-also by Kathy Reicks- as the (MORE)

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How did John Brennan Crutchley die?

He died by placing a plastic bag over his head which caused asphyixation. However it was ruled as an accidental death because it was autoexotic in nature meaning that Crutchle (MORE)