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What bribe does Juno offer Aeolus?

The nymph Deiopea "I have fourteen nymphs of the rarest of beauty and the loveliest of them all is Deiopea. I shall make her yours and join you in lawful wedlock. If you do me (MORE)
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What does death takes no bribes mean?

Its a saying which personifies Death as if he was a person who one could offer a bribe to. It then says that Death will not accept bribes. This means that if death was a per (MORE)

What can Congress do if a US Supreme Court justice accepts a bribe?

The House of Representatives could file articles of impeachment against the justice, which is approximately the equivalent of a Grand Jury indictment. If the House votes to im (MORE)
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Why are takers responsible for bribe?

and the bribe takers just prostitute the money and nothing else....bride is a situation of greed and begging is a situation of hunger...YES & NO both. yes bcoz it is like a do (MORE)

Could you give a prophet Hadith in Islam about bribe?

Taking bribes, paying them to a bribe recipient, and mediating between the two are forms of major sins. Proof for the foregoing is what was related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al-Tir (MORE)
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What scandal involved the French and a bribe demand?

The scandal in question was the XYZ Affair, in which American diplomats were asked to give bribes to the French in return for peaceful negotiations over the Americans' passage (MORE)
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What does the word bribe mean?

Usually, it means paying someone to get some sort of unfair advantage, like offering a police officer cash in hand if he doesn't write you a ticket.
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Did Julius Caesar bribe people to like him?

No, he was a military general who fought bravely and got support  from back home all by himself without bribery.    Are you out of you mind? He was notorious for bribe (MORE)