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What is a bribe?

o try to make someone do something for you by giving them money, presents or something else that they want (रिश्वत देना)
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How do you bribe parents?

1 act all sweet and innocent 2 keep going on about it and they with give up in the end 3 if you have a little sister or brother you wont stand a chance 4 don't bribe ( Full Answer )
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How do you bribe your dad?

If he's a sap cry . Not like real but for effect like say that he doesn't love you or something like that. If he's not then keep bugging him about it. (doing both might work ( Full Answer )
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How do you bribe your brother?

You just say if you don't make me cookies i will take a dump on your face. Hope this helped! :)
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How do you bribe your cat?

Alot of people use cat nip to bribe their cats or lure them somewhere. I have a cat that loves cat nip and it usually works when you have ALOT of it. You can buy them at Walma ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to bribe your mom?

be really nice and polite and go with a plan at the same time and you might get what you want! :) hope this helps! also do a lot of chores and help clean the house this should ( Full Answer )
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Is bribing bullying?

No. You have a choice to accept the bribe or not. Bullying is something against your will.
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How do people bribe?

In plain English - - by offering people from whom they are seeking something, money or favors to help them get what they want.
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Is bribe an adjective?

No. It can be a verb -- to bribe-- or a noun -- a bribe.
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Is heaven a bribe?

Another answer from our community: There is no reason to look at heaven as a bribe anymore thanlongevity is for living a healthy life. Think of it as more aresult. Suggesting ( Full Answer )