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What is in a brick?

A brick is a block of ceramic material used in masonry construction and sized to be laid with one hand using mortar.. Bricks may be made from clay, shale, soft slate, calcium (MORE)

Do bricks create brick juice?

No, bricks do not create brick juice, because they don't have any to start with. Plus, they are not living so they would have no special organs to produce juice or liquid.

What are the words to brick brick waterfall?

brick brick waterfall. where you think you got it all. you don't-i do,. so BOOM with that attitude. reeses peices buttercup. mess with me i mess you up. bang bang choo c (MORE)

What is is Paramore's 'Brick by Boring Brick' about?

Hayley Williams wrote in the journal in the Brand New Eyes Deluxe Edition about Brick By Boring Brick: "I believe it's important to stay young at heart. To have faith in wh (MORE)

What is the brick by boring brick video about?

i think its about her, like a child growing up in her fairy tale land of her imagination but then growing up and having to face reality and "bury the castle" from her make bel (MORE)
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What is is paramores brick by boring brick about?

this song is about people who try to cover up their life with a fantasy. i think it shows the struggle of adolensance and how reality can over whelm you so much that you have (MORE)
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Why do we have bricks?

bricks are typically produced for the construction industry toconstruct buildings and other architecture such as walls.