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What is a bridal diaper?

Apparently if a bride has a very large dress or one which she would have difficulty in the bathroom with, they wear a bridal diaper and hence do not have to use the bathroom.. (MORE)

What games are played at a bridal shower?

A popular game at a bridal shower is 'read his mind'. A few weeks  before the shower, get with the groom and ask him questions.  Videotape his responses, and ask the bride-t (MORE)

When do you send a bridal shower gift?

If you are planning to attend, take it with you on the day of the  party. If not , try to mail it in time to arrive for the party.  Just Keep in mind it's time for the bride (MORE)

WHAT is bridal dance?

In the Bride's dance, she is led onto the floor by her Father, or whomever gave her away . After about a minute, she is passed to her groom , the new # 1 man in her life. This (MORE)

When should a bridal shower be given?

After the wedding invitations have been sent; so that would be no sooner that 6-8 weeks before the wedding and no closer than a week before the wedding. Safely, I'd say 3-4 we (MORE)

How do you plan a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is one of those parties that are fun and practical at the same time. The obvious reason for a shower is to give things to the future married couple that will h (MORE)
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Where can bridal shows be viewed?

There are a number of places where bridal shows can be viewed. Some places that you may want to consider include the Robbin Montero Bridal Show and the Bridal Show Expo.
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