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What is a bridge?

A bridge is a structure standing over a river, lake, etc. Its purpose it to get cars, people, etc. across the water. A bridge is also a musical term, similar in nature to th (MORE)

Why are suspension bridges the longest bridges?

The longest bridges in the world are viaducts or trestle bridges. It is easier to design a high, elevated roadway by directly supporting it with many towers or piers (as in a (MORE)

What kind of bridge is the Millennium Bridge?

There are two bridges in the UK that have millennium in the title! The Millennium Bridge in London is a gravity anchored suspension bridge for pedestrian use.The Millennium B (MORE)

What bridge is the firth of forth bridge?

There are two bridges over the Forth linking the Scottish captal city Edinburgh to the Kingdom of Fife: The most famous Forth Railway Bridge; designed by Sir John Fowler and S (MORE)