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What is a bridging study?

A bridging study on a medicine "builds a bridge" between the information available from the tests already performed and the questions arising from new conditions. It saves d (MORE)

What is north bridge and south bridge?

northbridge-tranferes data to processor and internal hardware like RAM. while suoth bridge - tranferes data between CPU and external devices.
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What bridge is the firth of forth bridge?

There are two bridges over the Forth linking the Scottish captal city Edinburgh to the Kingdom of Fife: The most famous Forth Railway Bridge; designed by Sir John Fowler and S (MORE)

What did Ruby Bridges do?

Ruby Bridges was the first African American too go too a all white  elementary school because she had a extreme intelligence since she  was very smart for her age the elemen (MORE)

What type of Bridge is Tower Bridge?

The Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge.
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Why is the Brooklyn bridge a suspension bridge?

Advantages over other bridge types   Longer main spans are achievable than with any other type of bridgeLess material may be required than other bridge types, even at spans (MORE)