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Did John Lennon meet Bridget Bardot?

John, who idolized Bridget Bardot as a teenager, finally met her in 1968. According to Pete Shotten, John's boyhood friend, John told him, "I was so nervous that I dropped so (MORE)

What was Saint John the Baptist known for?

Born: 5 B.C.   Birthplace: Judea   Died: c. 33 A.D. (beheading)   Best Known As: The man who "prepared the way" for Jesus of Nazareth       John the Baptis (MORE)

When was St. John canonized a saint?

At the time that St. John the Apostle died, there was no formal process for canonization. That did not happen until about the 12th century. he was proclaimed a saint by popula (MORE)

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