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Did John Lennon meet Bridget Bardot?

John, who idolized Bridget Bardot as a teenager, finally met her in 1968. According to Pete Shotten, John's boyhood friend, John told him, "I was so nervous that I dropped so (MORE)

Was Saint Bridget of Sweden a poor or wealthy person?

  She lived as both. She was born a Swedish princess to a wealthy land owner and government official father. Eventually, she renounced her title and founded the Order of t (MORE)
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Where did Saint John the Evangelist die?

A:   The term 'evangelist' is often used for the authors of the New  Testament gospels, so St John the Evangelist was the author of the  fourth gospel. Ever since the se (MORE)
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Who was Saint John Bosco?

  A priest from 19th century who looked after the poor and had schools for kids to become priests. St Dominic Savio went to one of the schools.
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Why was Saint John Bosco canonized a saint?

st john Bosco was canonized as a saint because He was loving and caring g to young kid's was will ling to help even though it is tough to teach many children about God , but h (MORE)
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When was Saint Bridget born?

the year 451 Saint Bridget was born in 453.    St Bridget was born around 460
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How did Saint John Fisher become a saint?

St. John Fisher was martyred for opposing King Henry VIII on June 22, 1535, on Tower Hill, Tyburn, England.
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Saint John Paul ll?

served as Pope from 1978 to 2005. He was elected by the second  Papal conclave of 1978, which was called after Pope John Paul I,  who was elected in August after the death o (MORE)