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Who are the Brigandes?

A brigand is a person who usually lives in a gang and lives bypillage and robbery according to the dictionary, and brigandes is apleralization of it, though if used as Proper (MORE)
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What is brigands?

"Brigands," which comes from Old French's "brigaunt," are outlaws, especially those who work in a pack or band. King John would have regarded Robin Hood and his Merry Men as b (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Les brigands - 2014?

The cast of Les brigands - 2014 includes: Marc Baum as Luis Julie Cherrier as Soprano Marion Desjacques Huguel as Harpiste Mickey Hardt as Ivan Wolfram Koch as Henry Isild Le (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Le brigand gentilhomme - 1943?

The cast of Le brigand gentilhomme - 1943 includes: Sarlande as Le capitaine des gardes Serge Dupeux as Le bourreau Robert Favart as Don Fernand de Torilhas Louis Florencie as (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Border Brigands - 1935?

The cast of Border Brigands - 1935 includes: Lona Andre as Diane Gertrude Astor as Big Six -Saloon Girl Hank Bell as Henchman Sisk Ralph Bucko as Henchman Jim Corey as Jailed (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Brigand - 1952?

The cast of The Brigand - 1952 includes: Carl Benton Reid as Prime Minister Triano Mari Blanchard as Dona Dolores Castro Barbara Brown as Baroness Isabella George Bruggeman as (MORE)