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What are some things young women do that young men don't like?

  well, or one thing, they hate obssession. try to actually avoid him, and give him his space. if he knows he can trust you to not be all over him, and even to overall tru (MORE)
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Is there such thing as a typical young person who commits a crime?

Most young people who commit crimes are doing it for a reason, not just because they feel like it. In most cases, the teen is dealing with problems at home, school or being pe (MORE)
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What is a bird which collect bright things?

  There are two birds famous for stealing objects made by humans. Magpies will take anything that shines or reflects light. No one quite knows why.   The other is the m (MORE)

All Things Bright and Beautiful in tagalog?

Lahat ng bagay Maliwanag at Maganda Lahat ng bagay maliwanag at maganda, Lahat ng nilalang ang mahusay at maliit, Lahat ng bagay matalino at kahanga-hanga, Ang Pangino (MORE)

What are the 18 things to consider while young?

There are so many things to consider while still young. Some more  practical, such as finding a job you love, planning where you want  to live, getting the education you wan (MORE)