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What is the origin of name Brin?

Brin, a variant of Bryn, is of Welsh origin - the name means: hill or mound
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Does Sergey Brin have a sister?

Sergey Brin does not have records of ever having an officialsister. Sergey Brin did however have a younger brother.
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Does sergey brin have kids?

Benji Brin, is the baby son of Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife, biotech entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki. He was born in late December 2008. Both parents try to keep thei ( Full Answer )
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Did Sergey Brin have brothers?

He has a younger brother named Sam, born in 1987 (14 years younger than Sergey).
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Who is sergy brin?

He is a Russian American computer scientist who is one of the Co-founders of Google.
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What does brin-Marie mean?

Seeing as this is in Food and Cooking, I'll assume you really mean 'bain Marie'. This is a large double cooking pot, or a pot on top of a slightly larger one, used to boil veg ( Full Answer )
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Who is the comics character Brin Londo?

Brin Londo is the alter ego of Timber Wolf. His powers includesuperhuman strength, speed and agility as well as sharp claws whichcan be fired as projectiles.
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What type of job does Sergey Brin do?

Sergey Brin is a well known internet entrepreneur and computer scientist. Over the years he has held a number of jobs in these fields and is often referred to as the "New Stev ( Full Answer )
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What does the term 'brin' mean?

The term brin means small meadow. It has Irish origin and Brin is mostly used by Irish parents to name their baby girls. A derivation of the name is Brynn.
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What has the author Gershon Brin written?

Gershon Brin has written: 'Studies in biblical law' -- subject(s): Bible, Criticism, interpretation, Jewish law