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Who is the president of Britain?

There is no office of President in the United Kingdom. HM Queen  Elizabeth II is head of state and the Prime Minister, currently  David Cameron, is head of government.   (MORE)

Why Britain won the battle of Britain?

Britain won the Battle of Britain for several different reasons. Firstly, the German pilots probably only had about 30 minutes in the air before they had to return to refuel, (MORE)

Why was there a Battle of Britain?

There was a Battle of Britain because Great Britain had declared  war on Germany so Germany sent bombers to bombard British cities,  especially London throughout the Battle (MORE)

Why is Britain called Great Britain?

There are two reasons both valid: 1. Romans called it 'Larger/Greater Britain' to distinguish it from 'Brittany' - which in Latin has the same name and stil does today in fr (MORE)

Why is Britain called Britain?

This comes from the land of the britons ( a tribe present in the country 2000 years ago). The Romans on their invasion called the island 'Britannia' as a result (hence the son (MORE)

Is Great Britain and Britain the same?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is often abbreviated to "Great Britain" or just "Britain" in this sense they are the same thing.       Gr (MORE)

How do you spell Britain?

The correct spelling is Britain. Great Britain, is a country, part of the United Kingdom, and consists of England, Scotland and Wales. The UK consists of Great Britain, Northe (MORE)
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Where there slaves in Britain?

Yes there was. Slavery was quite common in Britain in the 17th century. In the 17th century there was a slave triangle. It started in Britain, where ships would take metal and (MORE)