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Why did the Britannic sink?

Well, No one knows for sure but ,on November 21st 1916. the H.M.S. Britannic was steaming near the cost of Greece, when ether a torpedo or mine hit the starboard side of the (MORE)

What is the britannic?

The Britannic was the largest Olympic-class ocean liner. TheBritannic was the sister ship of the Titanic and Olympic. It wasbuilt in 1911.

Is there really a britannic?

Yes it is. Britanic Sank morning 25 November 1916. In 57 minutes half the time of the Titanic. Of the 1164 pasengers and crew. 30 lost their lives .There areplans to turn Brit (MORE)

Will Britannic be raised?

Not likely, When the H.M.H.S. Britannic was sailing on the near the coast ofGreece, either a torpedo or mine struck the starboard side of thebow. That fatal blow made a huge h (MORE)

What is the HMHS Britannic?

The HMHS Britannic was an Olympic Class Ocean liner of White Star Line. She was a sister ship to the RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic. She was supposed to be called the RMS Giganti (MORE)
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Why Britannic Sinked?

Britannic was one of the biggest ships in world war 1 she was sailing to the island of Kea as a hospital ship taking wounded soldiers back to England. But 600 miles from the I (MORE)

Who is his Britannic majesty?

Presently there isn't one. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is Her Britannic Majesty. at the moment. It is a title given to the ruling monarch of the UK
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Is the Britannic haunted?

I don't think it is haunted neither or the titanic. But my friend bailey Newman does thinks it is haunted if u need to call me call me on weekends Call:203 828 7999 OK if u wa (MORE)