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What happened to the Britannic?

It is said to have either hit a mine or was struck by a torpedo in 1916 and sank off the coast of Greece near the island of Kea. It was being used as a hospital ship. Resear (MORE)

When was the britannic built?

the britannic was launced on nov. 26 1915. To begin the britannic was going to be named gigantic but after the titanic disaster it was renamed.
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How did the britannic sink?

HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic, was launched just before the start of the First World War and was quickly put to use as a hospital ship. In tha (MORE)

What was britannic struck by?

That has never been entirely determined, but it's thought to have  been either a mine or a torpedo from a submarine.
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Who plays in britannic?

Edward Atterton - ReynoldsAmanda Ryan - Vera CampbellJacqueline Bisset - Lady LewisBen Daniels - TownsendJohn Rhys-Davies - Captain Barrett (as John Rhys Davies)Bruce Payne - (MORE)
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Did the britannic sail?

The Britannic was completed in December 1915 and it was decided that the ship be used as a hospital. The ship started sailing from 23rd December 1915, and served as a hospital (MORE)
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What is the Britannic Assurance?

Britannic Assurance is an established insurance company in the United Kingdom that offers various kinds of services. The company began around the year 1866.
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