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When did east India company come in India?

The English East India Co's first successful voyage to India under the name "Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading with the East Indies" was in the year 1601. Ea (MORE)

Why is east India company called east?

The British east India company was a joint stock company which was granted an English royal charter by Elizabeth 1 on December 31 1600 with the intention of favoring trade pri (MORE)

What was the Dutch East India company?

The Dutch East India Company was a group of people who got together  to send workers to what is now America. The purpose of sending  these workers was to work in the timber (MORE)

Why East India Company get involved in India?

they came to trade, mainly for spices. They were traders and Indian textiles, spices, sandalwood etc were in huge demand in European countries. As they wanted to reap these di (MORE)

How were the dutch east India trading company and the british east India company similar?

Both companies tried to monopolize the trade of sugar cane, coffee,  cocoa, rubber, coconuts, bananas, and pineapple. They bribed people  to work on farms for them.
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When did the British East India Company construct a fort in India?

At its pinnacle, East India Company controlled half of worldâ??s  trade. It built first of its fortifications in the port city of  Surat in India. This was done to defend i (MORE)