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How big is the British Empire now?

The British Empire no longer exists. Most of what was the  British Empire are now sovereign nations and many of those are  members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Common (MORE)

What does British Empire mean?

The British Empire is another word for the commonwealth, which  today is a group of nations that have colonised with Great Britain  for one reason or another. Some reasons w (MORE)

Does the British empire still exist?

In the most modern sense, yes, Britain still retains 14 separate territories outside the United Kingdom. And there is also the separate entity of the Commonwealth of Nations, (MORE)

What countries did the British empire conquer?

The British Empire was the largest empire in history, overtaking even the Roman Empire, which were the previous largest empire in history. Many of Britain's colonies have be (MORE)

Why was the british empire an empire to be proud of?

The simple answer is the legacy it left the world. The more complex - but still overall simplistic - answer is below... So why was the empire one to be proud of? In many resp (MORE)

How long was the british empire for?

Many historians argue about this, but I would date the beginning of the British Empire with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. This let Europe know England was for real (MORE)

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