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How was india affected by the british empire?

India was affected in both a positive and a negative way : positive:- new technologies and developmental programs were launched in India. Indian culture was modernized and (MORE)

What countries used to be in the british empire?

Antigua and Barbuda; Australia; The Bahamas; Bangladesh; Barbados; Belize; Botswana; Brunei Darussalam; Cameroon; Canada; Cyprus; Dominica; Fiji Islands; The Gambia; Ghana; Gr (MORE)

When was the British Empire most powerful?

During the Victorian era, one quarter of the globe was under British rule. At the time, the British had the largest Empire in history, and England was the most powerful nation (MORE)

How big was the British Empire?

At the height of its power, the British Empire encompassed over  33 million km2 of land, the largest empire in history.  The empire had territorial possessions in every cont (MORE)

What did the British empire get out of Caribbean being part of the British empire?

The carrabiean islands were a source of sugar and rum for the empire. Huge numbers of African slaves were forced to cross the channel and work on plantations. Basically the em (MORE)

Is there still a British Empire?

The United Kingdom still has control of 14 territories world wide. Although the UK can fit into these territories 6 times over, what remains of the British Empire is a lot sma (MORE)

Why was the british empire an empire to be proud of?

The simple answer is the legacy it left the world. The more complex - but still overall simplistic - answer is below... So why was the empire one to be proud of? In many resp (MORE)

How should the british empire be remembered?

as a good thing since it helped many countries such as India from fighting and sacrificing and the brutal ways of the African Zulu's to helping the Australians from being atta (MORE)

Was the British Empire racist or racilist?

The Britishers in expanding their Empire adopted all unscrupulous means and actions in whatever country they reached. A nation of Navigators they spread out their wings all ov (MORE)
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When did the British Empire come into existence?

The founder of the British Empire came to be known in 1603 to 1949 and was founded by King James. The British Empire lasted 346 years. It was the largest Empire in history.
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