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What four nations are associated as the central powers?

  In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire. Italy was part of that alliance but because it switched sides before the name cha (MORE)

What is the definition of National Farm Workers Association?

the National Farmer Association changed from a workers' rights organization that helped workers get unemployment insurance to that of a union of farm workers almost overnight, (MORE)

Can you christen your child at a spiritualist church?

It"s not a legitimate religion. it is a bit like being a citizen of Disneyland or Honorary Fire Chief of Freedomland, USA ( a basically Western oriented amusement park that ha (MORE)

Is British Pakistani a nationality?

Not sure ... wondering too Another answer: There is no such nationality as "British Pakastani". If you are born in the UK and have the right of abode then you would be a Briti (MORE)

How do you convert to become a Spiritualist?

if you are any religion, you'll be one already   -------------------------------------------------------------------   The above answer is entirely wrong. Spiritualist (MORE)