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Is diamond brittle?

Yes, diamond is brittle. Although it is extremely hard, diamond can shatter if struck with a heavy blow.

What is brittleness?

A material that is easily broken - usually shattered is a brittlematerial. It has poor toughness and poor resistance to fracture.Sometimes a material can be very hard and yet (MORE)

Are Nonmetals brittle?

yes,nonmetals are brittle and cannot be rolled into wires orpounded into sheets . +++ Not at all. Synthetic plastics are non-metals, and while some areindeed brittle others a (MORE)

Is metal brittle?

No. Metals are generally malleable, meaning they can be hammered into thin sheets, and ductile, meaning they can be pulled into wires.

Why is a brittle star called brittle?

Because brittle stars are very fragile. Interestingly, Brittle stars use this fragility to defend themselves by easily losing arm segments or even entire arms. This strategy w (MORE)
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What can be brittle?

Brittle means weak and is usually associated with body parts. Forexample nails and bones can be brittle.