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What is brittleness?

A material that is easily broken - usually shattered is a brittle  material. It has poor toughness and poor resistance to fracture.  Sometimes a material can be very hard an (MORE)

Are Nonmetals brittle?

yes,nonmetals are brittle and cannot be rolled into wires or  pounded into sheets  +++   Not at all. Synthetic plastics are non-metals, and while some are  indeed britt (MORE)

Is metal brittle?

No. Metals are generally malleable, meaning they can be hammered into thin sheets, and ductile, meaning they can be pulled into wires.
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Why is a brittle star called brittle?

Because brittle stars are very fragile. Interestingly, Brittle stars use this fragility to defend themselves by easily losing arm segments or even entire arms. This strategy w (MORE)

Does plastic have brittleness?

Plastics can be designed to be very brittle or very tough and flexible. Polymethyl methacrylate is quite brittle for example.
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What can be brittle?

Brittle means weak and is usually associated with body parts. For  example nails and bones can be brittle.