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What is brittleness?

A material that is easily broken - usually shattered is a brittle  material. It has poor toughness and poor resistance to fracture.  Sometimes a material can be very hard an (MORE)
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Why is iron brittle?

Brittle because it contains impurities such as carbon and sulfur. The structure of the molecules in iron, particularly when cast, is such that it is almost crystalline in na (MORE)
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Is brick brittle?

 Yes, the brick is brittle.  The brick will crack suddenly without undergoing any deformation when subjected to loading.  The brick is strong in compression and weak in te (MORE)

Is iodine brittle?

  In solid form, yes (although it is more often encountered as a liquid, dissolved in alcohol).
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What is brittle?

Brittle is basically something that is Hard but is also liable to break or shatter easily.

Are Nonmetals brittle?

yes,nonmetals are brittle and cannot be rolled into wires or  pounded into sheets  +++   Not at all. Synthetic plastics are non-metals, and while some are  indeed britt (MORE)

Which elements are brittle?

The elements that are brittle are elements that are  non-metallic. These include elements like sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen,  phosphorus, and hydrogen.  +++  Three in that lis (MORE)