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Do you have to have broadband Internet to connect my Wii to the Internet?

In order to connect the Wii console to a wired access point (such as a wired router or broadband modem*), you will need the Wii LAN Adapter. The Wii LAN Adapter enables a conn (MORE)

What is broadband satellite internet?

Broadband Satellite Internet is a way to receive internet connections in remote places.   Technically Broadband describes internet connections which can operate on a wide ( (MORE)

What is broadband Internet?

Answer: Broadband Internet access, often shortened to "broadband  Internet" or just "broadband" is a high data-transmission rate  Internet connection. DSL and Cable Modem, a (MORE)

What a broadband Internet connection is?

Broadband internet connection are internet connections that are "high speed" non dial-up connection. i.e : Cable internet , DSL internet , Satellite internet
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What is the bandwith of wireless broadband internet?

I'm not sure of a specific number, however you can count on wireless being slower because it has to transfer the information packets from station to station. Therefore causing (MORE)

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