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What is bromine?

I think you mean bromine, which is a chemical element, in the halogen group, atomic number 35. It is a red, volatile liquid at room temperature. Answer An element (chemica (MORE)

How do you get bromine?

Bromine is the only nonmetallic liquid element. It is a heavy, mobile, reddish-brown liquid, volatilizing readily at room temperature to a red vapor with a strong disagreeable (MORE)

What had bromine in it?

Bromine (Br) can be found naturally in various gas forms in sea water and in the earth's crust. It is used in sedatives (drugs that make a person calm or sleepy) and are no lo (MORE)

Is bromine hazardous?

Yes it is highly toxic, irritating, reactive, corrosive and oxidising. An element (chemical symbol Br) that occurs in nature as a toxic liquid that produces a highly irrit (MORE)

Is bromine is metal?

Bromine is not a metal. It is a nonmetal halogen and is the inly nonmetal that is liquid at room temperature. Its chemical symbol is Br and has an atomic number of 35. It is r (MORE)

Where you get bromine from?

Bromine is prepared by a method which comprises contacting hydrogen peroxide with an aqueous solution containing bromide ion and rapidly removing the bromine as it is formed. (MORE)