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Why is the Bronx called 'The Bronx'?

\n The Bronck's \n. \nThe Bronx was named after Jonas Bronck, who was the first European settler. \n. \nJonas Jonson Bronck (1600?–1643), also known as Jonas Jonasson B ( Full Answer )
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When was the Bronx founded?

From 1670, the land of the neighborhood was the estate of the Morris family in Westchester County.. The area was sparsely populated until 1840, when Gouverneur Morris Jr., so ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Bronx?

The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It is located directly above the borough of Manhattan, and above and to the west of the borough of Queens.
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Why is the Bronx called THE Bronx instead of just Bronx?

For two reasons. It got its name from a Swedish farmer who lived there, named Jonas Bronck. As the Bronx at that time was nearly completely uninhabited except for Jonas Bron ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered Bronx and named Bronx?

Henry Hudson and his crew stayed in the Bronx area during his travels beginning in 1609. The Bronx is named after Dutch immigrant Jonas Bronck who owned a large section of lan ( Full Answer )
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What is Bronx Masquerade about?

It is about a class of students in the 9th grade who live in theBronx. The settings in Mr. Ward's English class and a couple ofstudents want to read their poems to the class b ( Full Answer )
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Is The Bronx on the mainland?

Yes, it is located on the mainland of New York State. It is the only New York City borough that is not an island, or part of an island. Manhattan and Staten Island are each is ( Full Answer )
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Where are Bronx Care Clinics in the Bronx?

There are various but most known are Jacobi Medical Center, NorthCentral Bronx Hosp. Lincoln Hospital, and Morrisania Health Center.All have clinics within the facility.
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How was the Bronx named?

The Bronx ,borough of New York City was named after the early Dutch settler James Bronck.
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Why is Bronx called the Bronx?

It is named after J. Bronk. He had a large farm so when folkswanted to visit him, they stated, "let's go to the Bronk's'. It hasstuck all these years so the land and most parc ( Full Answer )