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Is a broom a lever?

Yes, a standard broom is actually considered to be a class 3 lever(when the top hand is fixed and the force is exerted by the lowerhand). It is a class 1 lever if the lower ha (MORE)
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Who named broome?

BROOME was named after sir captain cook : ) he is awesome that's the answer guys illlyyy

What rhymes with broom?

Rhymes with broom: BloomBoomCostumeDoomFumeGloomGroomHumeLoomPlumeRheumRoomTombWombZoom 1 syllable: bloom, blum, blume, boom, broome, coombe, croom, crume, doom, flume, fume (MORE)

Why do witches have brooms?

In fantasy literature Witches' have magical powers that allow them to make the broom fly. However... In real Witchcraft traditions however, the broom or besom serves a var (MORE)
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What is ceiling broom?

A ceiling broom is used to wipe dust and cobwebs off a ceiling. It  is made of very soft material to avoid damage to ceiling.
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What do the brooms in curling do?

Sweeping in front of a rock as it travels down the ice causes friction, and creates a thin film of water in the path of the rock. This can help the rock travel farther down th (MORE)
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Broom of twigs?

A broom of twigs fastened to one end of a pole and used for floor  sweeping, is known as a Besom.
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