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How many brothers does Joe Jonas have?

Joe has three brothers: Paul Kevin (Kevin), Nicholas Jerry (Nick)  and Franklin Nathaniel (Frankie).   Joseph Adam Jonas (born 1989) is known as Joe Jonas and has 3  b (MORE)

Was Joe Kennedy jr as tall as his brother Jack?

From the pictures I've seen once both men were fully grown in height, it appears the Joe Jr. was just slightly shorter than JFK. JFK was 6'0 in height and I think Joe Jr. was (MORE)

How many of joe dimaggio's brother play MLB?

  Two. 1) Dom DiMaggio played the outfield for the Boston Red Sox between 1940-1942 and 1946-1953. His career batting average was .298 with 87 HRs and 618 RBIs. He led t (MORE)

How may brothers or sisters has Louis Walsh?

There were 9 children altogether in Louis's family. There's Louis, Frank, Paul, Noel, Sarah, Maurine, Joe, Padraig and I don't know the last name. I was talking to Noel today (MORE)

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Who is Joe DiMaggio's brother?

  Joe DiMaggio had two brothers that played Major League Baseball. Dom Dimaggio was an outfielder that spent 11 seasons with the Boston Red Sox and Vince DiMaggio was an o (MORE)

Does actor joe penny have a brother who acts?

His little brother has been on some show in the early 90's Matchmaker... He has worked with his brother on a movie called The Last Word... He worked on Joe's tv show as a crea (MORE)